Why Do I Want To Learn Self Development?
Self-Development is the continuing and never ending practice of learning new skills, improving your existing skills and finding ways to accomplish your goals and ambitions. So often many people have an idea of what they want and start of in a general direction but fail to keep momentum, change direction or settle for less than they really want because it is easier and, from the start, a bit woolly. I can show you how to overcome all of these very human traits and find success and opportunity in a surprisingly short time, if you are prepared to put in the effort.
I Earn A Good Wage, Isn't That Enough?
If you earn a good wage and that maximises your potential, then yes, that’s enough. If you are earning a good wage but you could earn a whole lot more to give your family what they need and want, a good education for your children, a decent home, cars and a freinds network that is supporting and encouraging for you, then you are probably wasting your time where you are and should try to start finding out how too improve. I can show you how to not only earn more, as money is only the easy and quantifiable result of personal betterment, but you can become a better person, become respected and sought out as a leader in your field, get presented with further growth opportunities and help your family, community or your colleagues enjoy a better quality of life.
Who Are You To Help Me?
I have started, run and sold many businesses over the year and I am a perpetual failure. I am glad I have failed as I have learned valuable lessons that helped me grow. Every time I fell over, flat on my face, I got more fascinated with being a better person, growing and finding ways to help others not make the same mistakes. I have studied the best leaders in this space and can relay their stories to you as if they were my own, but I don’t. I use the knowledge I have built up to impart my wisdom and philosophy of living to help you grow.
Isn't All This Self-Development Hard Work?
Yes. Absolutely. Initially it is extremely hard work and takes massive amounts of discipline. Just like a space rocket uses 90% of it’s fuel escaping the earth’s atmosphere, you must build up a fantastic amount of momentum in the ways of focus and discipline to complete the tasks you need to complete, to grow and expand in the right ways. I can help you do it by showing you the way and coaching you to get the most out of your efforts, but I can’t do it for you. You can’t do it for anyone else, only yourself. It get’s easier when you build the right habits and understand the best ways that your brain works, and the best ways you need to try and make your brain work better.
What If All My Hard Work Doesn't Pay Off; What If It Doesn't Work?
What if it does? I have coached and mentored people that have given up when they were so close to breaking through their own barriers and they are still having to go to work every day, catch up on the bills, save like crazy for the two week holiday each year. Some are still behind on their bills, dodging creditors or worse still, going to payday lenders to get a quick fix or ‘consolidation’ loan. A consolidation loan is where you take all those difficult to pay bills and roll them up into one impossible to pay loan at horrendous interest rates.

Isn’t your family, your future or you, worth some effort instead of watching that electronic box in the corner full of misery, sadness, crisis, drama and lots of negative stuff? It all comes down to what you want.