Six Golden Keys to the Persuasion Game of Selling

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Selling Is A Great Career But So Many People Fail to grasp the Skills of Persuasion: Are There Really Magic Keys to Persuading Any Buyer?

Selling, whichever way you look at it, comes down to an act of persuasion. The salesperson is attempting to persuade the purchaser to make the purchase. The purchaser plays the game of reluctance and purports to either not needing the product or service or not believing the price or cost suggested for that product or service.

Don’t pretend you re not in sales – we are all in sales

Are There Really Magic Keys to Persuading Any Buyer?

  • Do You Have Trouble Closing Sales?
  • Why Do Other People Breeze Through Sales?
  • Why do YOU WORK MORE AND HARDER than Everyone Else?
  • Do You Struggle to Get the Rewards From Your Work?

In this document I will show you Six Almost Magic Keys of Persuasion and Control in Selling and these are universal throughout any industry, profession or vocation. For every salesperson there has to be a buyer, somebody who needs or wants your product or service in lesser or greater magnitude.

I have spent years in the sales arena watching, noticing and observing professional salesman excel in the selling profession through numerous factors, and watching many more fail. When you compare everything they say, and note the commonalities between the industries whether it’s selling paperclips or jumbo jets, I believe it comes down to the six main magic keys that I would share with you.

Of course a fundamental requirement of the salesman is confidence and self belief as well as the magic ingredient of self-discipline, which, every senior executive in the top 500 companies in the world will agree is one of the two key ingredients to executive success. Self-confidence, that inner-belief of your worth are not things that can be taught by anybody else other than you. These key traits cannot be magically embedded in you without you wanting to become a better, more effective person. Success really is a journey not a destination which although clich√©, is actually true. Success and wealth are important in their own right, however what’s more important is the person you need to become to accept and use your success and wealth for the benefit of others.

I will tell you the “Six Golden Keys to the Persuasion Game of Selling”, including;

  • Why buyers can be sold to if you can reward them properly,
  • How to convince buyers if you can exercise punishment power,
  • Why bonding with your buyer is a good idea,
  • And more …

There is also the one Magic Key that bonds all the others together and has almost mystical qualities if you apply it to your sales process.

If you want to convert more sales, work less, understand the persuasion techniques to get you success and identify key elements to persuade your buyers; if you want to get greater rewards from your sales interviews, you need to get your copy of “Six Golden Keys to the Persuasion Game of Selling”… today! Please scroll up and press the buy button

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