Lessons from Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Ray Dalio, and Other Icons (#325)

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“If you only master yourself and you don’t help anyone else, we’d call you happy, but nobody would define you as successful.” – Derek Sivers

This particular episode of The Tim Ferriss Radio Hour explores success, which can be a slippery and dangerous term. The particular guests selected for this episode represent not only achievement, but also appreciation and a well-rounded version of what I consider to be a successful human being.

This episode features:

  • CDBaby founder Derek Sivers on the importance of challenging your own definitions of success.
  • Performance coach Tony Robbins on best lessons learned from working with legendary investors.
  • Venture capitalist Chris Sacca on missed opportunities and the commonalities of successful people.
  • Legendary investor Ray Dalio on the three things that make up a successful life.
  • Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson on the best thing his parents taught him.

I hope you enjoy this episode of The Tim Ferriss Radio Hour!

Lessons from Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Ray Dalio, and Other Icons


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  • Connect with Derek Sivers:

Website | Twitter | Facebook

  • Connect with Tony Robbins:

Website | Twitter | Facebook

  • Connect with Chris Sacca:

LOWERCASE capital | Twitter | Instagram

  • Connect with Ray Dalio:

Bridgewater Associates | Principles.com | Twitter | Facebook

  • Connect with Richard Branson:

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn


  • A cautious reminder that even our superheroes at the pinnacle of success are human, flaws and all. [04:21]
  • Introducing Derek Sivers. [06:48]
  • Who is the third person who comes to mind when Derek hears the word “successful” — and why? [07:45]
  • What Derek believes is the true goal of communication. [09:27]
  • Derek’s secret superpower. [10:15]
  • Does business need to be complicated? First, we need to define words like “complicated” versus “simple,” and “easy” versus “hard.” [11:29]
  • How can someone determine what their own utopia might look like? [14:12]
  • How does Derek define success? [16:01]
  • According to Derek, if you can do these four things, you can do anything. [18:09]
  • Introducing Tony Robbins. [19:05]
  • What Tony has learned about successful trading from working with legendary investors like Paul Tudor Jones and John Templeton. [20:05]
  • What a 50% investment loss actually means. [21:17]
  • What’s a nickel really worth? A lesson in riskless trade from Kyle Bass. [23:51]
  • Tony reiterates what Derek Sivers said about the “helping others” part of the success equation. [27:33]
  • Who said “losers react and winners anticipate?” [28:13]
  • The reason a diversified portfolio is important for any investor no matter how smart they think they are. [28:43]
  • Introducing Chris Sacca. [32:43]
  • Commonalities between successful founders Chris knows. [33:15]
  • The rigged game of investing and the whales that got away. [35:17]
  • Introducing Ray Dalio. [41:00]
  • Why does Ray remember early failures more vividly than early successes — and what does this tell him about both? [41:32]
  • The three ingredients of a successful life. [45:12]
  • What makes intelligent people unhappy? [46:21]
  • Introducing Richard Branson. [47:45]
  • What would Richard recommend to someone looking to sharpen their tools of negotiation? [48:11]
  • In business as in life, your reputation is everything. [49:33]
  • Are there any business ideas Richard is glad he was talked out of or prevented from doing? [50:37]
  • What are Richard’s best practices for launching a new company? [52:00]
  • What prompted Richard to write Finding My Virginity? [54:21]
  • Books Richard recommends or gives to others most. [56:12]
  • In the last five years or so, what new behaviors, beliefs, or habits have improved Richard’s life? [57:12]
  • Key lessons learned from Nelson Mandela. [58:39]



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