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Personal Growth Seminars #becomethebest

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Problem Solving When Faced With A Crisis

 Crises affect everyone. You are likely to face either a business crisis, financial crisis, relationship crisis, family crisis,health crisis or home based crisis every three to five months There are 9 straightforward and logical steps in dealing with issues through to resolution, and the right way to deal objectively and collectively with the challenges that […]

SBS Club Southampton June 29th

Want To Supercharge Your Achievement? My Good friend Russell Streeter (Author & Public Speaker) is presenting a 2 hr meetup at Thornhill, Southampton for the Small Business SuccessClub (SBS Club). This is next Wednesday 29th June at 7.00pm. The evening will feature an entertaining and thought-provoking seminar that is a must-see for any ambitious individual, business […]

Why everyone is talking about the new book by David Brooks – CSMonitor.com

By Husna Haq, Correspondent April 15, 2015  'The Road to Character' by David Brooks follows Brooks's journey toward inner virtue.  About video ads View Caption of We live in an era that celebrates the self and places foremost value on achieving wealth, fame, and status. New York Times columnist David Brooks achieved all of that […]

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