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Fear Of Success – Only Saying …

Fear Of Success? Why do so many Small Businesses still run around doing the same thing in sales and the way they treating customers … and expect different results? Is that not the definition of Insanity? Business Seminars On South Coast – Jan 2017 South Central Area At Present Looking For Joint Venture Partners For […]

SBS Club Southampton June 29th

Want To Supercharge Your Achievement? My Good friend Russell Streeter (Author & Public Speaker) is presenting a 2 hr meetup at Thornhill, Southampton for the Small Business SuccessClub (SBS Club). This is next Wednesday 29th June at 7.00pm. The evening will feature an¬†entertaining and thought-provoking seminar that is a must-see for any ambitious individual, business […]

What Is A Mastermind Group?

IYC Editor: Higlighted in Napoleon Hill's Book the MasterMind is the key to many successful people and their businesess. IYC run MasterMind Groups in the UK – register for free at http://classacts.org The Power Of The MasterMind Is Huge And A Major Key To Success In Making Money A mastermind group is a group of […]

Personal Assessment Questionnaire

Personal Self-Assessment Questionnaire ¬† Skills are learned behaviours combined with ability. There are many different types of skills that are relevant to personal and business or career development.   Work Competence or Technical Skills include things like our knowledge of a specific subject, procedures, equipment, legal or industry requirements or technical (in-house) vocabulary necessary to […]

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