How Can I Help You?

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Let’s Take Stock Of Where You Are

Do you Have Everything You Want In Life?

No? I can help you achieve your dreams with personal coaching, or if you are in business, I also run business coaching schemes.

Who Am I?

My name is Lee Werrell and I am an Author, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Businessman and a firm Social Media marketing and Self-Development advocate. I have been involved in self-development for over 30 years and you will find many of my books on Amazon including Social Media and some technical books of Financial Services Regulatory Compliance.

I am a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments and a Fellow of the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management. I have been involved in the senior management of businesses, started, run and sold my own businesses and helped hundreds of people run their own business. I run several groups on LinkedIn, one has over 840 members. I provide coaching and mentoring for individuals and businesses both individually and in groups (Master Mind Groups).

As a consultant, I am involved with project management, change management and process redesign, leveraging the huge lessons I have learned from the self or personal development world.

I am passionate about helping people develop and improve and if I have one major weakness, it’s that I get frustrated when people squander their potential for a “comfortable life”.

If you want more for yourself and your family, if you want to grow, build and expand your life, influence, business, standing in society, relationships, help philanthropic causes, contribute to charities, lead your community or better yourself in any way ….

… If anyone can help you Improve Your Condition, that’s me.


Coaching is run as a supportive “club” of similar people who all want to better themselves, earn more, do more, become more. Whether they want to learn leadership, efficiency, productivity, better sales or simply to serve their community better, they all have similar core requirements.

Using the power of the “Master Mind” (Pillar 9 of the classic book by Napoleon Hill “Think & Grow Rich“), I facilitate and lead them to bigger and better things. Everyone is expected to participate to the fullest and complete rigorous work assignments. Books are expected to be read and replayed and lessons discussed by all.

We also operate “breakout weekends” where coaching groups can join together with others at a location away from their normal work or living area and indulge in seminars, discussions, and finding out what other peoples experiences have been, so they can learn more.

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Sales Training

I am a Fellow of the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management, so I know a fair bit about sales and marketing. If you need specific sales training, whether it is price negotiation, product positioning, product testing or simply to increase the number of sales, I can help you. Just explain your needs when we have our first discussion.

Public Speaking

Using our development services will improve your performance, productivity and income or revenue. Making you realise there is more to your job than just turning up nine to five will improve all areas of your life (and business). Public Speaking is a skill that is quickly learned and easily adapted to any environment as well as providing a firm foundation for necessary social interaction and prowess.


Our Society Today

Have you ever come across people who have a passive approach toward life? lets call them the average Joe. Although Joes accounts for around 90% of the population.

These Joes are hard working, honest, reasonable people who are literally everywhere in society. They might have a foreign holiday once a year (usually at the cheapest ‘all-inclusive’) and drive a car that has seen better years. They live in an average neighbourhood, watch the average sports, eat out frequently at chain or fast food restaurants and enjoy the ‘simpler’ pleasures.

Joes are the people who keep moaning about how expensive things are, what the Government has done, what their company has done, how the super-markets rip them off, and how tough life is? Maybe they are struggling with their bills, relationships, children growing up, no savings and afraid of technology. They even seem afraid of tomorrow.

Living like this means existing and most people do the bare minimum to get by believing everything that the world throws at them and thinking that they are not important or their presence in this world is inconsequential.

“The best way to help poor people is not to become one of them.” Abraham Lincoln

You know better. You are in the top 10% of people who want a better life.

You know that life has handed you a magic box with all the answers you need to be a success, a high achiever, a great parent and mentor; but they forgot to give you the combination of the lock…

… let’s unlock this wondrous box together.